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Ages ago, herbs were used by our ancestors as a cure and protection against many diseases. They believed that there was no disease that could not be cured by plants.

Lebanon is considered to be a very unique country in its mesmerizing nature, four seasons =, beneficial sunlight, mountains and valleys. Lebanon’s terrain allowed the most beautiful amazing and high-quality aromatic herbs to grow. The latter is one of the best herbs found on the Mediterranean Sea and that was stated by experts from several European countries. Furthermore, Lebanon has 129 aromatic herbs; 102 herbs are wild and the rest are planted and taken care of. 83% of people in Lebanon drink the Lebanese tisane which are rich in dietary and healthy benefits.

Company Overview:

Garden herbal tea was established in 1999 as an idea to build manufactory equipped with the latest machinery that would manufacture tea envelops. This process starts by picking, drying, cleaning sieving and sterilizing herbs using the most certified tools internationally. What is worth mentioning is that the tear filter is made in Germany by the largest international companies. Garden Herbal Tea produces more than 20 kinds of herbs. One of these herbs is the most delicious and irresistible Lebanese tisane. Not to forget the pure chamomile, the anise, the green tea, the rosemary, the cool mint, and the delicious breckland thyme.

At Garden Herbal Tea, we pride ourselves by creating top quality and delicious specialty teas with natural ingredients. We are passionate about tea and strive to continually delight our customers, so that each cup we produce will be your best. Our respected consumer, the mentioned herbs only a few of the herbs that we are proud to present you. Our herbs are 100% beneficial and delicious.

To continue the 5000 year old tea tradition. A company for the 21st century and beyond.